Katarina Terentieva


Katarina Terentieva

FILA has always been ahead of the game by not changing a damn thing. And yet, the iconic logo is a must-have in the Gen-Z starter pack. Let’s celebrate the new classic and being true to yourself.

Everything I create is inspired by a song. Click to listen and set the mood.




Remember the last time you shopped from a catalog? Yeah, me neither. We’ll post an interactive editorial lookbook, shoppable exclusively through FILA’s Instagram Stories.


garage sale

We’ll host uncommon “pop-up” shops with new merch in select rented-out homes and cities.  


In cities where garages are less accessible, we’ll pop up in storefronts. All locations will provide nostalgic experiences, featuring vintage polaroid photoshoots, an arcade, an interactive screen installation — all the revived classics.


unfold partnership

We’ll partner with Unfold, a popular Instagram Stories template app, to create a limited edition FILA pack with our classic, recognizable style.


Co-Strategists: Alex Escalera & Johnny Lopez
CW, AD/Design, Styling: yours truly
Photographer: Ari Skin